The cameras are so limited in what they can do that a great number of cars on the road are essentially exempt from photo enforcement. If a person wants to avoid photo enforcement, all they need to do is to implement some very simple and easy measures. Such measures include turning your head, hiding your face, towing a trailer, adding a bike rack, or installing a trailer hitch. Some examples are depicted below.

Admittedly, some of the cars depicted below are or could be considered illegal. However, the fact remains that cars with hidden, blocked, or missing license plates are quite commonplace. So commonplace in fact that one would even start to think that police overlook such occurrences.

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Wheelchair rack blocking plate

Temporary plate mounted high

Trailer Hitch

Towing a trailer, truck plate not visible, trailer plate not visible from some angles

Plate in tinted window

Towing Hitch

Towing Hitch, Temporary plate

Towing Hitch

Towing a boat, vehicle plate blocked, boat plate low and difficult to see

Towing Hitch

Towing Hitch

Temporary plate On Hummer

Wheelchair rack blocking plate

Wheelchair rack blocking plate

Wheelchair rack blocking plate

Bike carrier blocks a digit or two.

Wheelchair rack blocking plate

Wheelchair cart blocks plate

Bikes blocking plate

Wheel chair ramp (?) blocks plate.

Cooler blocks plate completely.

New car, no plate.

Hitch blocks a digit.

New car, no real plate.

Wearing a mask

More Exemptions

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