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Violators say tickets from traffic cameras difficult to appeal

Dec 27, 2014 The Gazette - Article


CEDAR RAPIDS — Speed and red light ticket recipients have complained about Cedar Rapids’s automated traffic camera system, citing obstacles such as difficulty contesting tickets, duplicate billing. and missing or unclear evidence, according to emails released by the city and interviews.

David W. Elliott, 56, of Hastings, Minn., told the city he tried to contest his ticket online but received an error message, and in reviewing the photo of his violation, key pieces of information were blurred and not legible.

Matthew Heidenwirth wrote to the city on Oct. 1, stating he had just received a bill for a ticket he had already paid in July or August.

Even with speed cameras off, no pedestrians injured in school zones

Dec 19, 2014 Baltimore Sun - Article


City officials say Baltimore's speed camera system was designed to protect children walking in school zones. And indeed, no pedestrians were injured in school-zone crashes the last year the cameras operated.

But there also were no pedestrian injuries in school zones the year the extensive camera system was shut down.

Citywide, 261 pedestrians under age 18 were injured by vehicles, with one killed, when the cameras were running in 2012. In 2013, with the cameras off, 221 young pedestrians were injured and none killed.

Couple Gets Red Light Camera Ticket For Their Stolen Car

Dec 19, 2014 Fox 2 Now - Article


HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI) – A couple had their car stolen while it was warming up outside in Hazelwood. Three days later, the same Subaru sped through the intersection at Goodfellow and Natural Bridge Road; first at 10:30am and then at 3pm.

The couple didn’t have a clue. Days later, they got two red light camera tickets. The fines will be waived, since the car was stolen. But, the victims feel it’s a missed opportunity. The red light cameras didn’t help catch the thief.

Illinois: Guilty Plea In Redflex Bribery Trial

Dec 11, 2014 - Article


Corruption in the Chicago, Illinois red light camera program is no longer "alleged," it is fact. On Wednesday, Martin O'Malley appeared before US District Judge Virginia M. Kendall to say that he was part of a conspiracy to bribe Chicago officials on behalf of Redflex Traffic Systems, the Australian company that provides automated ticketing services.

According to his plea agreement, O'Malley's co-conspirators were John Bills, Chicago's deputy transportation commissioner; Karen Finley, the head of US operations for Redflex after 2005; Aaron M. Rosenberg, Redflex executive vice president; and Bruce Higgins, the head of US operations for Redflex up until 2005. Between January 2003 and June 30, 2011, O'Malley says he distributed cash and benefits to Bills in return for securing the lucrative photo enforcement contract.

Speed cameras to be reviewed as system ‘clearly isn’t working’

Dec 10, 2014 Yahoo News UK - Article


The oireachtas transport Committee is set to review the use of GoSafe cameras after a number of speeding cases were recently dismissed.

Committee member Patrick O’Donovan said the current system clearly isn’t working.

“It is clear that the system is not working at the moment. There are questions around the issuing of notices, as well as the location of vans and I believe that these, and other issues, need to be discussed in detail,” the Fine Gael TD said.

2 Pinellas cities suspend red light camera programs

Dec 5, 2014 WTSP - Article


PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida -- The red light camera programs have effectively been halted in two local cities as Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri withdrew his agency's participation in reviewing tickets following a controversial decision from a South Florida appeals court.

Gualtieri, a longstanding critic of red light camera (RLC) technology, had allowed the cities of Oldsmar and South Pasadena to contract his deputies to operate their respective RLC programs.


Sep 24, 2014 ABC 7 Chicago - Article


CHICAGO (WLS) -- In an ABC7 Eyewitness News I-Team exclusive, new tickets are racked up by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's drivers, despite our report months ago that put the mayor on notice about the problem.

In May, the mayor said he had instructed his bodyguards to slow down and obey traffic laws like everyone else. They haven't.

More plaintiffs join class-action lawsuit over Cedar Rapids traffic cameras

Sep 23, 2014 The Gazette - Article


CEDAR RAPIDS — A class-action lawsuit challenging automated traffic cameras in Cedar Rapids has been expanded to include six more plaintiffs in addition to the original two.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Sept. 2, claims the speed cameras fail to provide adequate notice to motorists, and that the cameras target certain motorists while thousands more are exempt, such as more than 50,000 Iowa vehicles without rear license plates, 3,200 government vehicles not included in a state database, more than 100,000 out of state vehicles without rear-facing license plates, and others not included in a database used to issue tickets.

Red-light camera contractor spent thousands on meals for Sacramento County and CHP employees

Sep 21, 2014 Sacramento Bee - Article


Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies and California Highway Patrol officers accepted free meals worth thousands of dollars from the private company that operates the county’s red-light intersection cameras, then recommended the county choose that company over several competitors for a new red-light contract worth up to $11.8 million, a Sacramento Bee review has found.

Redflex has operated Sacramento’s cameras since it won its initial county contract in 2008. The free meals began a few months before Redflex won that contract, documents show. They continued while the company worked for the county and as it prepared to bid on a contract renewal that was eventually awarded in December 2013.

Representatives of the companies that placed second and third said their companies did not provide meals to county or CHP employees. The fourth-place finisher could not be reached.

California Workers Sue Red Light Camera Firm Over Poor Pay, Conditions

Sep 19, 2014 - Article


A red light camera vendor may be forced to pay millions in back pay to its employees. A number of them have taken their claim to a San Mateo County courtroom with the dispute creating a rift between American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and the cities that are its customers.

In July, the city of Millbrae decided to withhold $92,654 in red light camera contract payments to ATS over the wage dispute filed by former ATS field service technician Matthew G. Jaime. Under state law, a city must set aside funds to cover the potential damages whenever a claim is made on a public construction project.

Santa Fe turns down new Redflex `speed van’ contract

Sep 15, 2014 Albuquerque Journal - Article


The city of Santa Fe has put the brakes on using picture-taking speed enforcement vehicles as a means of traffic control.

At Monday’s Finance Committee meeting, city councilors rejected an agreement with Phoenix-based Redflex Traffic Systems by a 3-2 vote.

D.C.’s war on motorists

Sep 15, 2014 Washington Post - Article


A report issued last week by D.C.’s inspector general confirmed what many who live and work in Washington have known for a while: The capital is on the cutting edge of efforts nationwide to squeeze more revenue out of the public by forcing motorists to pay money to resolve “violations” they did not commit.

The IG found that D.C., unlike jurisdictions such as Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California and New York, has virtually no restrictions on the speed cameras. In addition to the guilty-until-proven-innocent mind-set quoted above, the IG found that tickets are being issued to vehicles even if the police can’t “conclusively identify” the violator and even if the vehicle doesn’t match the registration information. Officials can’t agree on whether it’s legal to park at a broken meter, and they often fail to provide the required photographic evidence. A District study that tried to show the public that speed cameras were installed to improve safety, not just to bring in revenue, “created the opposite effect,” the IG said.

N.J. Hospital Association pulls out of red light camera company-backed safety group: The Auditor

Sep 15, 2014 - Article


TRENTON — Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about the New Jersey Hospital Association being listed as a partner on the Traffic Safety Coalition’s website.

But on Sept. 4, the association asked to be removed as a partner.

“This is a classic front organization designed purely to fool the public - and unsuspecting entities like the hospital association - into believing that camera company lies have local, unbiased support and credibility. Like the mob uses a local bar to launder money and make it seem legitimate, these entities are designed to launder a message" O’Scanlon said in a statement. "The Hospital Association has sent an important message to the red-light camera industry. They’re not fooled and they’re not buying what these companies are selling.”

RIVERSIDE: Red-light cameras fade to black Monday

Sep 14, 2014 The Press Enterprise - Article


After eight years and more than 200,000 citations, Riverside’s much-criticized red-light camera program will end Monday.

The shutoff follows the City Council’s July vote to give notice to camera operator Redflex Traffic Systems that its contract would be canceled. That leaves just two Inland cities – Cathedral City and Victorville – with the programs, out of 10 cities in the region that have tried them.

Red light camera industry fights citizen vote

Sep 9, 2014 WTSP - Article


Florida's leading red light camera-provider American Traffic Solutions confirms to 10 Investigates Wednesday that it has joined the fight to prevent a citizen-backed referendum on red light cameras from ever reaching a ballot. The city is also fighting the referendum on grounds that it infringes upon city council's power.

However, the enemy of the city's enemy is not its friend in this case; the city is objecting to the intervention from the industry-backed group.

As previously reported by 10 Investigates, Tampa law firm Carlton Fields Jorden Burt incorporated a group last week called "Keep Florida Roads Safe," and immediately filed lawsuits to prevent voters from having a say on red light cameras (RLC). The firm has represented ATS before, but would not reveal if it formed the new group on behalf of ATS.

ATS, which has the majority of Florida' 70+ RLC contracts but not Brooksville's, appears concerned about a possible precedent-setting legal decision and citizen vote.

D.C. is the Wild West when enforcing tickets for traffic violators, audit finds

Sep 8, 2014 Washington Post - Article


In Washington, D.C., where issuing traffic citations is a $179 million-a-year business, drivers get speeding tickets for violations they don’t commit and for vehicles they’ve never owned.

Those are among the findings in a 115-page audit of the three city agencies that issued nearly 2.5 million parking and traffic tickets in fiscal 2013, according to a withering report issued Monday by the D.C. inspector general.

The comment of a certain “senior District official,” who is granted anonymity in the report, figures to be widely shared in conversation and on social media: “One of the beauties of parking, it’s like the [Internal Revenue Service]. If you get a parking ticket, you are guilty until you have proven yourself in nocent ... And that’s worked well for us.”

It's lights out for red light cameras

Sep 8, 2014 Springfield News Leader - Article


Dormant more than four years, Springfield's red-light traffic camera program is officially dead.

The city announced in a news release Monday that it will begin removing much of the camera equipment, which has been hanging unused at city intersections since the program was discontinued in the wake of a Missouri Supreme Court ruling that cast doubt on the way the tickets were handled.

School-zone speeding tickets at sites without signs to be voided

Sep 6, 2014 - Article


Some of you who may have noticed camera flashes while you were driving more than 10 mph over posted school zone limits were lucky enough to dodge tickets. That's because Nassau -- in relaunching its school-zone speed camera program last week -- hit another snag.

The county couldn't process citations in some locations because they lacked state-mandated warning signs.

South San Francisco red light program shuts down

Sep 5, 2014 WFTV - Article


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- After five years, an embattled red light camera program on the peninsula is quietly going away. It started on a bad note with a costly mistake. South San Francisco has shut down its red light cameras at two intersections along El Camino Real.

Class action suit filed over Cedar Rapids traffic cameras

Sep 2, 2014 The Gazette - Article


CEDAR RAPIDS — A class-action lawsuit filed on Tuesday is challenging automated traffic cameras that Cedar Rapids officials say save lives and reduce crashes.

The cameras came under fire after the Iowa Department of Transportation said two Interstate 380 speed cameras — two of the most productive in the traffic enforcement program — don't comply with state rules requiring at least 1,000 feet between a camera and speed limit change.

Iowa DOT: I-380 speed cameras don't comply with rules

Aug 27, 2014 KCRG - Article


CEDAR RAPIDS — The state transportation department is questioning the location of automated traffic enforcement cameras along Interstate 380, saying at least two do not comply with a new rule governing how close the cameras can be to signs indicating a speed limit change.

Study Reveals Reason For Conflicting Red Light Camera Studies

Aug 21, 2014 - Article


Red light camera studies are frequently described as coming to "mixed" conclusions with some claiming accident reductions while others show an increase in accidents at photo enforced intersections. Rather than assume that all studies are created equal, a new peer-reviewed journal article finds a reason for the difference in outcomes in the research literature.

The studies with the most complete set of variables concluded that accidents increased with the use of red light cameras, while the reports that claimed an accident reduction benefit to camera use relied on more simplistic analyses that excluded factors such as yellow signal timing, the number of lanes at an intersection and time trends.

Drivers caught trying to evade new point-to-point speed cameras

Aug 14, 2014 The Transcontinental Port Augusta - Article


Nearly 30 drivers have been caught attempting to evade new point-to-point speed cameras with manoeuveres including swerving onto the wrong side of the road, according to SA Police figures.

Chicago, Illinois: Judge Throws Out Camera Tickets Over Short Yellows

Aug 13, 2014 - Article


Some yellow lights are too short in Chicago, Illinois, according to an administrative law judge who said he has thrown out "60 to 70 percent" of the red light camera tickets he has come across. The city says it meets the bare minimum federal standard of having yellow warning signal illuminate for three seconds at intersections. A judge who hears appeals from motorists ticketed by red-light cameras said during a hearing this week that he has seen evidence that yellow times are below the legal minimum at some Chicago intersections with red-light cameras.

Orlando resident uses data to fight city's red-light camera program

Aug 11, 2014 WFTV - Article


ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando resident who has been battling the city's red-light cameras for months said he has data that shows thousands of drivers shouldn't have received tickets.

David Shaw told Channel 9 he used the same formula as St. Petersburg resident Matt Florell, whose work prompted St. Petersburg commissioners to get rid of red-light cameras.

According to Shaw, he was able to get data from the city of Orlando that shows thousands of questionable red-light tickets.

Brooksville’s red-light camera process a sham

July 31, 2014 Hernando Today - Article


Before we started going through the cases, the hearing officer made it known that we were not to question the validity of the cameras, if they were unconstitutional, or any of the like. He also let us know that while it is not illegal to turn on red in all counties, Brooksville has decided that you must be going under 5 mph to be considered making a cautious turn. Being from Orlando, this is not the law here. In fact, Orlando does not issue right-turn tickets because officials think those violations require judgments that can be too subjective.

Brooksville’s red-light camera process a sham

July 31, 2014 Hernando Today - Article


Before we started going through the cases, the hearing officer made it known that we were not to question the validity of the cameras, if they were unconstitutional, or any of the like. He also let us know that while it is not illegal to turn on red in all counties, Brooksville has decided that you must be going under 5 mph to be considered making a cautious turn. Being from Orlando, this is not the law here. In fact, Orlando does not issue right-turn tickets because officials think those violations require judgments that can be too subjective.

The hearing officer said that I should have stopped on the yellow. I said, it is not against the law to go while the light is yellow. He said that I should have known the light was turning red and stopped. Again, I said, it is not against the law to proceed on yellow. I didn’t do anything wrong. I also said again that I was the only person who didn’t run thru a continuous red light.

Have red light cameras reached the end of the road?

July 25, 2014 - Article


For years, red light camera hatred grew almost as fast as the number of cities using them. Until around 2012, when the number of programs actually started to drop, according to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The initial promise — safer streets and more city revenue — no longer seemed so promising.

Jeff Brandes, a Republican state senator from Florida, proposed a bill that would have put some limits on red light cameras there. Among other things, he was alarmed by media reports showing that after some local governments put in red light cameras, they also shortened the time for yellow lights.

Spokane faces class-action lawsuit over red-light cameras

Jun 16, 2014 The Spokesman Review - Article


The city of Spokane has not refunded traffic ticket money a judge ruled was wrongfully collected using red-light cameras, and is still is trying to collect on those who haven’t paid, according to a lawsuit filed last week.

A class-action lawsuit involving potentially thousands of drivers asks the city to repay two-and-a-half years’ worth of tickets, worth $124 each, which could amount to $2.1 million.

Charges filed against ex-City Hall manager of red-light camera program

May 12, 2014 Chicago Tribune - Article


The former head of Chicago's red light camera program was arrested Wednesday in a $2 million bribery scandal and charged by federal prosecutors with plotting to steer the contract to Redflex Traffic Systems before the first ticket was ever issued in 2003.

Not-so-candid camera as crash data withheld on locations of Adelaide’s new speed cameras

May 12, 2014 - Article


CRASH data used to justify the location of new fixed cameras has not been released by the Transport Department, fuelling suspicions the cameras are being used as revenue raisers.

The State Government plans to roll out an extra 23 fixed traffic cameras — 13 of which are to become operational by midyear — bringing the total to 131 by 2015.

While the department did reveal the location of the 13 new cameras, it did not provide the crash history for each site when this was requested by The Advertiser last week.

Texas Voters Ban Red Light Cameras For A Sixth Time

May 11, 2014 - Article


Voters in Conroe, Texas flocked to the polls Saturday to become the sixth town in the Lone Star state to outlaw red light cameras. The automated ticketing machines owned and operated by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) lost by 59 percent of the vote.

I-Team: Mayor's motorcade caught on tape

May 5, 2014 - Article


May 5, 2014 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Red lights? Speed limits? They're apparently not a problem if you are driving the mayor of the city of Chicago.

Despite Rahm Emanuel's contention that red light and speed cameras are "all about safety," the ABC7 Eyewitness News I-Team learned those same cameras regularly catch the mayor's motorcade running red and speeding.

For 2nd Time in 6 Weeks, a Flagler Judge Declares Palm Coast’s Red-Light Camera System “Improper” and Issues Stern Order

Apr 30, 2014 - Article


Not only was Palm Coast improperly telling drivers that the city could have their red-light traffic camera citations dismissed. Not only was the city improperly telling drivers, as part of that deal, that they could get their dismissal as long as they directly paid the city $158, though they would supposedly not have to pay additional dollars to the court system. But Palm Coast had requested a hearing before the judge on its own motion to dismiss a slew of red-light camera tickets—and hadn’t even bothered to show up to its own hearing.

Former Officer Claims Radar Guns Giving Unreliable Speeds

Apr 25, 2014 - Article


A former McKinney officer claims some drivers got speeding tickets they didn’t deserve. He blames the department’s equipment.

Radar guns rely on technology that hasn’t changed much since they we’re introduced 40 years ago. McKinney Police Department officials insist theirs are as modern and accurate as anyone’s, despite the claims of a former officer.

Saskatchewan judge tosses 5 photo radar cases

Apr 24, 2014 - Article


As Saskatchewan gets ready to expand photo radar, some of the tickets previously issued for speeding in construction zones have been thrown out by the courts.

Earlier this month, five cases from 2013 went to provincial court in Pierceland in the province's northwest — and a judge decided the vehicle owners were not guilty in all five.

Palm Bay Council members vote to end red light cameras

Apr 17, 2014 - Article


PALM BAY -- The Palm Bay City Council put a final stop on red light cameras thursday night in Brevard County.

The city council voted 4 to 1 to end the program. The cameras will stop running Sunday. The contract with the company ends this month.

Labor Department Investigates Redflex Over Trade Violation

Apr 14, 2014 - Article


Is Redflex Traffic Systems outsourcing US engineering jobs for cheaper Australian labor? That is the question the US Department of Labor is now investigating, adding to the numerous inquiries into the Melbourne, Australia-based firm's business practices. The second largest provider of photo enforcement services in the United States was recently caught violating labor laws in California. It is the subject of a massive federal bribery investigation and charges of racial bias. Redflex was even fined by the Federal Communications Commission in 2008 for illegally importing uncertified radar units.

Apr 8, 2014 LBC - Article


Newham council has written to drivers who were caught by 12 unauthorised CCTV cameras in use between 2009 and 2013.

The cameras did not have the right certification to be used to fine motorists and, despite the Council informing contractor Mouchel of this, Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) continued to be issued.

An internal audit report of the Council identified 6840 PCNs, totalling £353,000, had been unlawfully issued. After this was made public the council stopped enforcement and cancelled unpaid PCNs but said it would not refund any that had been paid.

However the National Motorists Action Group lodged a complaint to the Independent Auditor and now more than £100,000 pounds is being refunded.

Traffic-enforcement camera ban gains bipartisan support in Colorado

Apr 7, 2014 Denver Post - Article


Cameras that bust drivers for speeding or running red lights could be banished in Colorado after a bipartisan group in the state legislature reached consensus on the controversial devices.

A proposal introduced in the Senate late last week would bar cities and counties from using automated vehicle-identification systems that pinpoint drivers committing traffic infractions.

New law will make it harder for South Dakotans to get traffic camera tickets

Mar 28, 2014 KTIV - Article


PIERRE, S.D. (KTIV) - A new South Dakota law will make it harder for their residents to get ticketed by traffic cameras in Sioux City.

The bill regarding speed cameras and Red light cameras was signed into law today.

The law makes it so South Dakota will not share information to help other states collect traffic camera fines from its residents.

Clermont recalls 2,400 controversial red-light camera tickets

Mar 24, 2014 WFTV - Article


The city of Clermont has decided to throw out nearly 2,400 controversial red-light camera tickets, and officials are prepared to send back an estimated $8,000 in fines for turning right on red.

The tickets were for those who turned right on a red without stopping, and police were applying the letter of the law.

But after residents complained loudly to city leaders last month, the police department was ordered to take another look at almost 3,000 pieces of video from the camera system that had resulted in tickets.

Attorney Mike Allen to sue Dayton about red light, speeding cameras

Mar 25, 2014 FOX 19 - Article


(FOX19) - Cincinnati attorney Mike Allen on Tuesday plans to file a lawsuit against the city of Dayton for its use of cameras to catch speeding motorists and those who drive through red traffic lights.

Allen said the suit will be similar to other litigation his firm has filed against the villages of Elmwood Place in Hamilton County and New Miami in Butler County.

Canberra speed cameras slammed in report

Mar 20, 2014 Canberra Times - Article


The ACT Auditor-General has slammed the way speed cameras are used in Canberra, finding no evidence they reduce speeding.

The damning report found speed camera reliability is poor, with escalating maintenance costs and too many rejected infringements. It found the 13 fixed ‘‘mid-block cameras’’ were not doing their intended job and urged the government to look at removing them...

Tampa police withholding some red light cam crash stats

Mar 19, 2014 WTSP - Article


TAMPA, Florida – New statistics indicate red light cameras may have helped reduce the number of serious crashes in Tampa intersections. But a closer examination of the statistics – an analysis the Tampa Police Department (TPD) conducted but never released – indicates crashes in the approach to an intersection soared after installing the cameras.

In fact, accidents between 25 and 50 feet from the intersection – where many rear-end collisions would likely take place – jumped by 68 percent. Public records led 10 Investigates to numerous accident victims and rear-end collisions that were never counted in the city's selected crash stats.

Red Light Traffic Camera Vendor Faces Cutoff in Santa Ana [Palm Bay could ditch red-light cameras]

Mar 19, 2014 Florida Today - Article


Six times in the past five years, Palm Bay councilwoman Kristine Isnardi has voted against red light cameras.

Soon, she’ll ask fellow council members to join her in a seventh — and final — vote, canning the controversial traffic-enforcement devices for good.

Red Light Traffic Camera Vendor Faces Cutoff in Santa Ana

Mar 17, 2014 Voice of OC - Article


As bribery allegations against Santa Ana’s red light camera operator expand to California, city officials are considering whether to renew their contract next year.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Santa Ana City Council members will decide whether to take up a staff recommendation to not renew RedFlex’s contract when it expires in June 2015.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sues ATS For Breach Of Contract

Mar 14, 2014 - Article


Breaking up with a red light camera company can be messy. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania believes American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pouting over its loss of the multi-million-dollar contract to operate red light cameras in the city. Municipal officials notified the Arizona-based company two days before Christmas that they were about to award a competitor, Xerox, the right to issue automated citations once the contract was up on February 14. Philadelphia claims ATS is not living up to its contract obligations because it pulled the plug on the cameras before Xerox had a chance to set up shop, costing the city $2.8 million in lost ticket revenue.

South Dakota Legislature Bans Red Light Cameras

Mar 12, 2014 - Article


Lawmakers in South Dakota are serious about ensuring residents never again receive a photo enforcement ticket. On Tuesday the state Senate voted 34 to 1 in favor of legislation prohibiting photo ticketing companies from accessing the data needed to issue speed camera or red light camera tickets for alleged violations committed in another state. On Monday, the state House gave final approval to a ban on red light cameras that now heads to Governor Dennis Daugaard (R) for his signature.

Commissioners say no to red-light cameras in St. Mary's County

Mar 12, 2014 Southern Maryland Newspapers Online - Article


Red-light cameras will not be coming to St. Mary's County in the near future. The sheriff's office was planning to start the initiative sometime in the next fiscal year.

The majority of the commissioners said no to red-light cameras during Monday's budget meeting without hearing a formal briefing from the sheriff.

San Rafael's red-light camera company nabbed by state for not paying prevailing wage

Mar 11, 2014 Marin News - Article


San Rafael's red-light cameras may be dark, but the city's relationship with the provider isn't over.

The city has been instructed by the state to withhold nearly $25,000 in payments to Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. of Phoenix, which serviced the city's two cameras, because the company failed to pay its contractors prevailing wage when the equipment was installed in October 2009. Prevailing wage is the basic hourly rate paid to public works project employees as set by the state, ensuring contractors aren't awarded projects based on paying lower wages than a competitor.

San Rafael opts to discontinue red-light camera program after five years

Mar 10, 2014 Marin News - Article


San Rafael is getting rid of its red-light cameras, saying the two devices have only slightly reduced accident rates at a key downtown intersection.

San Rafael police spokeswoman Margo Rohrbacher said the city doesn't plan to renew its contract with Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. of Phoenix, Ariz., which services the two cameras, when the contract expires at the end of the month.

Judge angry as secret rules on speed limits kept from him

Mar 8, 2014 - Article


A Judge threw out three speeding cases and criticised the "very tawdry approach" taken by workers bringing the private 'GoSafe' speed camera prosecutions to court.

He was left irate after a GoSafe official refused to tell him the extent a driver has to exceed speed limits before they will begin a prosecution – in this instance the motorist was allegedly 9km over the limit.

Self-inflicted wounds slay red-light cameras in St. Petersburg

Mar 7, 2014 - Article


Based on evidence originally presented, red-light cameras were killed by a simple majority vote of St. Petersburg City Council members the previous morning.

It was not simply a change in the composition of the City Council, although that was a contributing factor. And it was not due solely to the dwindling revenues produced by these cameras, although that certainly played a part in the result.

Rather, while viewing through the lens of time, it's clear the demise of red-light cameras can also be attributed to deceptive, neglectful and, regrettably, avoidable circumstances.

The City of Margate Votes Yes to Removing Red Light Cameras

Mar 6, 2014 Tamarac Talk - Article


The City of Margate will not be renewing their contract for their red light cameras after their contract expires in December according to Mayor Lesa Peerman.

“I didn’t see the safety issue, or accidents going down because of them…that was the whole idea, because of safety,” said Peerman. “If anything, I believe people are slamming on the brakes more.”

Ellisville pulls plug on red-light cameras

Mar 5, 2014 St Louis Post-Dispatch - Article


The council voted 4-2 to have City Attorney George Restovich terminate the contract with American Traffic Solutions to monitor the cameras at three intersections.

St. Petersburg may get rid of red light cameras after yellow light extensions

Mar 5, 2014 WTSP - Article


ST PETERSBURG, Florida -- Mayor Rick Kriseman says it may soon be time for the city to retire its red light cameras and the move may take place as soon as this fall.

In a pre-emptive move a day before city council discusses red light camera problems, the mayor issued a memo saying, "we will remove the camera" when the number of violations drop enough that red light camera (RLC) revenues fall below expenses.

Rulings Against Cameras Mount In Ohio

Mar 2, 2014 Monroe News - Article


HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) — The speeding cameras have gone dark in another Ohio community, the latest turned off by a string of court rulings against automated traffic enforcement.

A Butler County judge last week ordered the village of New Miami to hit stop, saying cameras were being used to violate motorists' rights to due process.

The new order followed a strong rebuke of speeding cameras in a Cincinnati-area village by a judge in neighboring Hamilton County who called them a scam against motorists, and appellate court rulings against camera systems in Toledo and Cleveland.

Italy: Top Cop Arrested For Speed Camera Bribery

Feb 27, 2014 - Article


Prosecutors on Tuesday charged Andrea Saroldi, the police commander in the small seaside town of Spotorno, Italy, with extortion, bribery and fraud related to speed camera contracts. At a press conference Wednesday, Savona assistant prosecutor Daniela Pischetola announced the results of an investigation dubbed "Hot Velox" (autovelox is the Italian word for speed camera).

According to Pischetola, Saroldi collected kickbacks from photo ticketing contractor, Igea srl in return for his permission to install the cameras. Igea's Claudio Ghizzoni has also been charged. According to the indictment, Saroldi also used threats of violence to extort money from Arcadia, a company that maintains road signs in the town. The owner of the sign company tipped off prosecutors last July after paying Saroldi 24,000 euros (US $33,000).

Communities put brakes on red-light cameras as studies differ on results

Feb 27, 2014 Fox News - Article


Communities across the country are pulling the plug on red-light cameras amid mounting questions over whether the controversial revenue-raising devices are effective in preventing accidents on the nation's roads.

The number of state and local governments using cameras to nab motorists who run stoplights has fallen about 6 percent since 2012, to 508, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Prankster puts 'for sale' sign on Ohio traffic cam

Feb 27, 2014 - Article


NEW MIAMI, Ohio (AP) — A prankster put a "for sale" sign on a southwest Ohio village's speed camera in the aftermath of a judge's order to stop using them.

Missouri Supreme Court Rejects Red Light Camera Companies

Feb 26, 2014 - Article


Red light camera companies could be in trouble in Missouri. The state Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to accept any of the desperate appeals filed by local municipalities and photo enforcement vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS). As a result, three Court of Appeals cases that went against the use of red light cameras become final and are the law of the land.

Knightdale’s red light cameras stopped operating in October

Feb 25, 2014 Eastern Wake News - Article


KNIGHTDALE — Motorists driving along Knightdale Boulevard no longer have to worry about getting a ticket generated by a camera at one of several intersections along the town’s major roadway.

The town stopped using the red-light cameras in October, although they didn’t say anything publicly and left the cameras in place.

Hit & run accident takes down photo radar camera

Feb 24, 2014 Prescott Valley Tribune - Article


Personnel from the Prescott Valley Police Department, Central Yavapai Fire District and the Prescott Valley streets department load up a photo enforcement camera that was knocked off its moorings at Glassford Hill Road and Long Look Drive in a hit-and-run incident early Sunday afternoon. No one reported the incident as it happened, no one was reported injured, and police do not yet have much information on the crash.

Speed camera refunds considered in Montgomery County

Feb 24, 2014 WUSA - Article


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) -- In the wake of a WUSA9 investigation in Prince George's County, Montgomery County is now considering issuing refunds for tickets at speed cameras identified by our investigation as not being published prior to activation, as required by state law.Prince George's County is voiding over $80,000 worth of tickets and writing $58,000 in refunds to 1,500 drivers busted by one speed camera, thanks to a WUSA9 investigation that pointed out the camera was not in compliance with Maryland law.

As Santa Fe mulls new deal for speed SUVs, another city dumps Redflex

Feb 19, 2014 Santa Fe New Mexican - Article


Rio Rancho is the only city left in New Mexico that is currently contracting with Phoenix, Ariz.-based Redflex Traffic Systems to provide red-light cameras and photo-enforcement SUVs. Las Cruces dumped the company this week. And Santa Fe let its contract with Redflex expire last month.

Redflex has provided red-light cameras in Las Cruces since 2009, but City Manager Robert Garza said that city decided not to renew the contract because it is not convinced they work. “If the object is safety, can we prove the streets are safer?” Garza asked. “The answer became, ‘no.’"

Garza said New Mexico State University conducted a traffic study to see if the cameras were increasing public safety, and he said the findings were inconclusive. Some intersections with the cameras saw fewer crashes, while others did not. And in some cases, it wasn’t clear if the red-light camera was responsible for a crash decrease or if it was the addition of a turn lane.

Ohio Appeals Court Overturns Speed Camera Ticket

Feb 17, 2014 - Article


Photo enforcement programs have been losing legal support in Missouri over the past several weeks, and now the judicial skepticism has spread to Ohio. On Thursday the state Court of Appeals overturned a speed camera ticket that had been issued by Xerox Corporation on behalf of the city of Cleveland.

City removes illegal speed camera in Staten Island

Feb 16, 2014 New York Post - Article


The city Department of Transportation yanked one of its cameras on Staten Island after state Sen. Diane Savino pointed out it was illegal.

But this one was not down the street from a school nor within a quarter mile of one — contrary to state law, the Staten Island Advance revealed.

Salisbury Police Acknowledged Some Calibration Issues

Feb 13, 2014 Maryland Driver's Alliance - Article


After months of obstruction, the City of Salisbury acknowledged that some lapses in the calibration of their speed cameras had in fact taken place, according to a report on WMDT:

Annual calibration reports for the city's cameras were recently released after public information requests from several watchdog groups. In those reports, it was revealed that certifications for two cameras had lapsed. They expired in December 2012, and weren't renewed until January 2013. It ended up being a 34 day span.

"All of the citations that were issued in that span were either voided or the people were refunded their money," Barkley said. "But, just because it lapsed, doesn't mean it wasn't accurate."

Judge Shuts Down St Louis, Missouri Red Light Cameras

Feb 13, 2014 - Article


Red light cameras and speed cameras are in trouble in Missouri. The state Court of Appeals recently reversed course on the legality of automated ticketing machines, issuing four separate opinions finding photo enforcement programs in violation of state law. On Tuesday, Missouri Circuit Court Judge Steven R. Ohmer decided to enforce the law with an order prohibiting the city of St. Louis and its vendor, American Traffic Solutions (ATS), from issuing automated citations.

Motorists Sarah Tupper and Sandra Thurmond filed suit last year after receiving tickets in the mail. On the same day a court hearing was scheduled, the city and ATS dismissed the tickets, thinking this would render the class action lawsuit moot. Judge Ohmer would not let the matter drop.

Maryland: Local Government Blocks Speed Camera Accuracy Reform

Feb 12, 2014 - Article


The photo enforcement industry has been reeling from admissions of widespread bribery and evidence of widespread speed camera inaccuracy. In Baltimore, Maryland, 58 percent of citations issued by one camera went to drivers who were not speeding, but lobbyists for speed camera companies and local governments have scrambled to ensure lawmakers do not attempt any major corrective action.

Sheriff begins refunding faulty speed camera tickets

Feb 12, 2014 - Article


2The Charles County Sheriff’s Office began mailing out more than $130,000 in refunds last week to those who were ticketed several months ago when a speed camera was operating out of compliance with state law.

Citizens blast city over speed cameras

Feb 12, 2014 - Article


SHOW LOW — City councilors got an earful from people who said they want them to get rid of the photo enforcement cameras in four locations in and around town.

A few spoke up in favor of the cameras, but the majority took the opposite stance.

St. John pointed out that the red light and speeding tickets/citations he got at Central Avenue and the Deuce of Clubs around Christmas 2012 were both time stamped 6:48 a.m. on the same day.

City of Arnold telling red light camera violators to ignore paying fines

Feb 8, 2014 - Article


( -- The city of Arnold is still issuing red light camera tickets but is telling those who get them that they don’t have to pay the fine.

The Arnold City Council voted to suspend prosecution of red light tickets after a judge ruled against the city in a lawsuit over the cameras in December, until the Supreme Court takes up the issue.

Red Light Traffic Camera Vendor Faces Cutoff in Santa Ana

Feb 5, 2014 CBS Local St Louis - Article


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) - A former red light camera judge from Wentzville testified in favor of state legislation that would ban the devices in Missouri.

Attorney Michael Carter and state Rep. Bryan Spencer sat before Missouri’s Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee Monday calling for the “eradication” of red light cameras in the state.

He has now come to the conclusion traffic cameras are a form of “indirect taxation” operating under the guise of public safety.

Virginia: Engineer Slams Short Yellow For Red Light Camera Turns

Jan 29, 2014 - Article


Cities in Virginia are short-changing motorists at intersections, and a professional engineer is asking the legislature to do something about it. Joe Bahen will testify before a House of Delegates subcommittee later today about what he says is an dangerous shortening of yellow warning time at signals monitored by red light cameras. While he says localities enjoy increased profit from this policy, the intersections become far more dangerous. He has the calculations to back up his claim.

"Whenever cameras are used, the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) methodology must be used to assure that drivers can traverse the stopping distance and cross the stopping line before the signal turns red, and therefore have no need to slam on brakes," Bahen wrote in remarks prepared for delivery later today. "Fifteen of the twenty camera systems operated by the city of Virginia Beach are operating illegally. Virginia Beach has issued more than 200,000 illegal camera citations for right-turn violations since 2009. Injury crashes at this intersection have more than doubled since the cameras were installed. But even though the city knew that the cameras were sending people to the hospital, the city renewed its contract with vendor Redflex of Australia last September."

Gotcha! How Red-Light Cameras are catching more drivers with shorter yellow lights

Jan 30, 2014 WTKR - Article


But now, a NewsChannel 3 investigation is uncovering cities taking away precious yellow light time after their cameras are installed, increasing your chances of becoming a red light runner.

Case in point: the City of Norfolk.

For years, their yellow lights have been 4 seconds long, but once their red-light cameras went up this past November, drivers lost one full second trying to make a left hand turn at St Paul’s Boulevard and Brambleton Avenue.

"If the proper interval was 4 seconds before, it makes no sense that you would reduce it when you set up to enforce, if anything, you would give a little grace,” said Byler.

Mo. Appeals Court Puts The Brakes On Moline Acres Speed Cameras

Jan 28, 2014 St Louis Public Radio - Article


The Missouri Court of Appeals today rejected the use of speed cameras in Moline Acres, saying the city’s ordinance conflicts with state law.

Today's opinion, written by Judge Lisa Van Amburg, and joined by Judges Patricia Cohen and Philip Hess, is nearly identical to a November ruling that struck down the red light camera program in Ellisville. In both cases, the courts determined that the conflict occurs because the city’s ordinances punish the owner of a car who may or may not have been driving.

Arizona County Dumps Speed Cameras As Ineffective

Jan 21, 2014 - Article


Speed cameras did nothing to improve safety on the roads of Pima County, Arizona so county supervisors decided earlier this month to cut ties with American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the for profit company in charge of the program. The automated ticketing contract expired on January 6.

"Studies show that drivers become familiar with the fixed sites and decelerate as they near the camera, only to accelerate once clear of the site," County Administrator C.H. Huckelberry wrote in a memo to the board of supervisors. "The crash rate throughout the entire Pima County road system declined 19 percent since 2008. Isolating just the eleven camera sites, however, indicates the three-year crash rate across the camera locations decreased only 13 percent, which is lower than expected."

At some sites, accidents increased, and at others they decreased, suggesting the photo ticketing had no effect on safety. The county analysis found accident severity also stayed the same.

Officials also noted the unpopularity of automated ticketing machines has resulted in camera removal in Pinal County and rejection of the statewide freeway camera program. Despite initial claims that continuously recording the license plates of all passing vehicles would help locate stolen cars, the sheriff's department found the feature of "limited usefulness" with the speed cameras. Official rejected the offer to install dedicated automated license plate reader (ALPR or ANPR) cameras.

Support fades for red-light cameras in St. Petersburg

Jan 13, 2014 Fox Tampa Bay - Article


ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) - Two newly-elected members of St. Petersburg's city council are not fans of red light cameras.

Neither is a public safety task force appointed by Mayor Rick Kriseman. Its final report, released Friday, says "It is recommended that the red light cameras be eliminated completely or eliminate the right on red and blink of an eye violations."

However, camera critic and self-described technologist Matt Florell told FOX 13 News "It's not possible to pay for it if it's only about safety."

Florell has reviewed more than 63,000 red light camera tickets issued by the city of St. Petersburg, finding "33 percent of all citations are three-tenths of a second or less- and three-tenths of a second is how long it takes you to blink your eyes."

Texas: Red Light Camera Company Fights Photo Ticket Referendum

Jan 13, 2014 - Article


A red light camera firm is once again suing to block residents from having a say in the use of automated ticketing machines in their community. American Traffic Solutions (ATS) filed suit last month asking a Liberty County, Texas district court judge to issue a restraining order that would keep residents from voting May 10 on red light camera use.

Maryland Cities Tell Court Photo Tickets Do Not Need To Be Paid

Jan 10, 2014 - Article


The Fourth Circuit US Court of Appeals on Monday rejected a due process challenge to Maryland speed camera citations. In the process of arguing their case, however, Maryland localities argued that there are basically no negative consequences if photo ticket recipients decide to toss their citations in the trash.

Analysis Of National Data Finds No Benefit To Red Light Cameras

Jan 9, 2014 - Article


In science, the results of a properly conducted study or experiment can always be reproduced. Though many cite the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) studies on red light cameras as definitive, a new peer-reviewed journal article finds the conclusions did not hold up when subjected to re-analysis. In the latest issue of Health Behavior and Policy Review, University of South Florida (USF) Professors Barbara Langland-Orban, Etienne E. Pracht and John T. Large examine the 2011 IIHS report that claimed automated ticketing machines saved lives nationwide.

In the 2011 study, the insurance industry took fourteen cities with red light cameras and 48 that did not have them. It compared results between the "before" period of 1992 to 1996 and the "after" period of 2004 to 2008. The results were then adjusted for each city's land and population density. In re-crunching the numbers, the USF researchers discovered the photo ticketing cities started off with a 50 percent higher red light running fatality rate in the "before" period. This left the IIHS results vulnerable to the statistical error known as regression to the mean, which refers to how the abnormally high accident rate has a natural tendency to fall back to normal levels on its own. IIHS credited this fall to the cameras. For instance, fatalities were so numerous in Phoenix, Arizona from 1992 to 1996 that the results were significantly skewed.

Red light camera ticket refunds proposed in St. Petersburg

Jan 8, 2014 WTSP - Article


During the first 13 months of St. Pete's red light camera program, Matt Florell of the website says over 1,000 drivers were wrongly-ticketed. Most were traveling Eastbound on 1st Ave. South at 34th Street, but there were a few other malfunctioning lights as well.

While St. Petersburg fixed its illegally-timed malfunctioning yellow lights, refunds were never issued. Newton hopes a new mayor and new councilmembers will change the dialogue.

Supes shutter speed cams in Pima County

Jan 7, 2014 Arizona Daily Star - Article


Pima County's stationary speed cameras are gone.

County officials asked that 11 cameras to be immediately turned off and they'll be taken out of medians across the county over the next few weeks, following a vote by the Pima County Board of of Supervisors this morning.

Supervisors rejected an attempt by Tempe-based American Traffic Solutions to keep speed cameras on county roads. Their proposal was to take down 7 of the 11 cameras and replace them with devices near schools.

Instead the board voted 4-to-0 to take all 11 cameras down.

Lawsuit: Red light collection calls illegal

Jan 2, 2014 - Article


According to a federal class action lawsuit, David Willett received about 19 robocalls from Creditwatch on his cellphone between February and June 2013. Amber Fosse says she received seven such calls on her cellphone in the span of two months.

But attorney Rob Treinen says those pre-recorded messages violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, because Creditwatch called cellphones and neither Willett nor Fosse gave the debt collection company consent to make the calls.

Fines for violating the TCPA are a minimum of $500 per call, although that fine could be larger if a court finds the violations were willful. That means the punishment could be much larger than the $100 tickets Redflex and Creditwatch were trying to collect on.