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The Top Photo Enforcement Scams Are:
1. Cameras Save Lives
2. Cameras Are About Safety, Not Revenue
3. Cameras Are Reliable and Effective
4. Cameras Are Legal
5. Cameras Free Up Officers

The Truth Is:

1. Cameras Cause an INCREASE in Accidents Where They Are Installed
2. Cameras Are About Making Money
3. Cameras Malfunction Constantly and Do Not Modify Driver Behavior
4. Camera Programs Are Illegal and Unconstitutional
5. Cameras Result in Fewer Officer Patrol Hours

For more information read about the scam explained in detail from an engineering perspective.

The implementation of photo-enforcement equipment is perhaps the fastest growing trend in the ever-growing assault on personal rights and freedoms! We have painstakenly documented all of the reasons that photo enforcement should be abolished so that everyone can truly understand the full extent of this travesty.

The shortcomings of this technology are obvious, the constitutionality is highly questionable, and the motive behind the implementation (revenue) is rarely discussed honestly by public officials. The vendors of automated law enforcement equipment have scammed public officials and the American public into believing that we have a safety problem on our roads (we don't) and that these machines are or will be effective in making them safer (they aren't). In fact, many studies show that photo enforcement INCREASES accidents! Photo enforcement is one of the biggest scams ever perpetuated on the American people.

In this website, we will demonstrate that:
  • Photo enforcement causes more accidents than they it prevents
  • Photo enforcement has severe limitations and is plagued with problems
  • Photo enforcement is ineffective against a majority of violators
  • Photo enforcement is easily avoided and evaded
  • Photo enforcement is an invasion of privacy
  • Photo enforcement enforces the law unevenly and unfairly
  • Photo enforcement is an undue and unjust burden to the general public - even those who drive perfectly!
  • Only a fraction of citations ever result in paid fines

We will also:

  • Help you avoid receiving a photo ticket
  • Help you defend your ticket in court
  • Show you how to protest this attack on our freedoms

We explore the use of photo equipment used to enforce traffic laws in order to educate and inform the public about this heinous attack on our personal rights and the unjust and undue burden that these machines impose on every citizen that drives by them.

We do not condone the violation of traffic laws, and we have no problem with them or with obeying them. Our objection is limited to the method of using automated photo-based enforcement. As already mentioned, photo-based enforcement is fraught with legal and technical issues and is no substitute for human enforcement. We support cops, not cameras!

DISCLAIMER: This site and any information contained herein are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Seek competent legal counsel for advice on any legal matter.